Meet the Leadership Team

Peak Contracting Group was founded by brothers Chad and Andrew Voss in 2012. With their leadership, Peak has grown to be a trusted substation and transmission line company in the energy infrastructure communities. Learn more about our leadership.

Andrew Voss

Andrew Voss, Co-Owner

As a co-owner, Andrew plays a pivotal role in the everyday operations of Peak Contracting Group, bringing with him an extensive 20+ years of industry knowledge. His multifaceted experience spans owner responsibilities, hands-on construction projects, and adept contract negotiation. Andrews’ skillset is finely tuned to manage all aspects of the construction process, ensuring the success of every build undertaken by Peak.
Beyond his professional endeavors, Andrew finds joy in spending quality time with his wife of 20 years and their four wonderful children. This commitment to family values reflects not only in his leadership at Peak but also in the genuine care he brings to the workplace.

Chad Voss

Chad Voss, Co-Owner

Chad, alongside his brother Andrew, co-founded Peak Contracting Group in 2012. With over 20 years of industry knowledge, he contributes to the company’s growth and success. His expertise covers owner responsibilities and hands-on construction projects.
Chad played a pivotal role in the extraordinary growth of Peak, overseeing the expansion of services, territories, and markets. He holds a Bachelor’s of Science from Northwest Missouri State University.
As a member of the Land Improvement Contractors of America, Chad actively engages in advancing industry standards. Beyond the professional realm, he balances his passion for work with spending time with his family.
Chad’s multifaceted contributions make him an integral part of Peak’s success story, representing dedication both professionally and personally.

Jennifer Voss

Jennifer Voss, CFO

Jennifer, our dedicated Chief Financial Officer, has been an integral part of the Peak team since 2017. With a strong background as an office manager and insurance producer, Jennifer initially filled a crucial need at Peak as the office manager.
Over the years, Jennifer learn she had a passion for working with numbers and analyzing the data. This has allowed her to evolve within the company, stepping into the role of CFO.
Outside of work, Jennifer is a supportive wife to Andrew and a proud mother of four. Between baseball, lacrosse, football, and gymnastics, she finds herself being her kids’ biggest fan. Jennifer enjoys spending time outside with her family, cooking and baking, and evenings out with friends.
As our CFO and a cherished member of the Peak family, Jennifer’s passion for Peak and commitment to a balanced work and family life has played a vital role in shaping Peak’s success.

Clayton Heavlin

Clayton Heavlin, Sr. Substation Superintendent

Clayton started his journey in the utility and construction industry as a groundman in 2008. Through a combination of education, hands-on experience, and leadership opportunities, Clayton ascended to the role of Senior Superintendent, which oversees the comprehensive management of labor, materials, equipment, job schedules, and communication between owners and the field workforce constructing substations throughout the U.S.
Clayton has accumulated 8,000 hours through the Dennis Merchant Apprenticeship, attaining a level of expertise that sets him apart. He holds the qualification of Journeyman Lineman through the U.S. Department of Labor, further solidifying his position as a recongized industry professional. Additionally, Clayton is NCCCO certified, underscoring his commitment to the highest standards of safety and competence in his field.
Clayton’s wealth of experience, coupled with a strong foundation in education and certifications, makes Clayton a vital leader within Peak Contracting Group.

Nate Skwarek

Nate Skwarek,
Estimator/Project Manager

Nate Skwarek has acquired a wealth of knowledge through both professional and life encounters, which has allowed his to be a pivotal part in the development of Peak Contracting Group. His analytical thinking, dilligenence, and coordination with clients, management, and crews in the field have proven to be of remarkable success in cultivating lasting working relationships.
He has a lifelong fascination with construction and a focus on the energy sector in his professional career. His commitment to staying at the forefront of industry changes is evident in his dedication to continuing education and mastering his craft. As the industry evolves, Nate proactively engages in ongoing learning, hands-on site visits, and safety meetings to ensure that Peak Contracting Group remains at the forefront of best practices and innovation.

John Grund

John Grund,
Estimator/Project Manager

John’s experience in the construction industry spans more than three decades and has played a crucial role in all of our projects. He has successfully served as a collaborative communicator, fostering strong relationships between owners, engineers, architects, contractors, and subcontractors. One of John’s key strengths lies in his ability to understand and integrate diverse perspectives into the decision-making process. John holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Construction Engineering Technology from the University of Nebraska.

Jesse Morrow

Jesse Morrow,
Chief Mechanic

Jesse has over 15 years of expertise in heavy equipment repair and maintenance. Rooted in a childhood spent on the farm, where problem-solving and fixing things were second nature, Jesse brings a wealth of hands-on experience to our team.
Throughout high school, he worked for a local John Deere dealership, working on agricultural equipment. Transitioning to a role with a concrete construction company, he had the opportunity to learn about the construction industry and maintain their equipment, becoming skilled with a diverse range of equipment. Jesse then worked for a company in California that specialized in renting and selling drilling equipment. There, he traveled to various job sites to instruct customers on the proper uses of the equipment and working hand-in-hand with drill manufacturers for parts procurement and training.
Jesse returned to Nebraska in early 2021 and became a significant asset to Peak Contracting Group. As our Chief Mechanic, he plays a crucial role in ensuring the reliability and efficiency of our heavy equipment fleet.

Ryan Voss

Ryan Voss, Safety Manager

With over two decades of experience in the construction field, Ryan has been an integral part of Peak Contracting Group since 2014. As the company expanded, recognizing the paramount importance of safety, Ryan transitioned into the role of Safety Manager.
Ryan plays a pivotal role in ensuring the well-being of our employees and the success of our projects. His focus is to ensure that all team members, from employees to supervisors, have the education and training to execute their work incident and injury-free.
Outside of his commitment to safety at Peak, Ryan likes to spend time with friends, golf, share memorable moments with his family, and hunt alongside his son and two brothers.

Jordan Erspamer

Jordan Erspamer,
Field Operations Director

Jordan’s career started in construction immediately after high school. He discovered a passion for the industry that eventually led to a pivotal role at Peak.
Having commenced as a Drill Operator and progressing through the ranks to become Superintendent, Jordan now holds the crucial position of Field Operations Director. Throughout this journey, he has been a witness to the remarkable growth and success of the company.
Jordan oversees the Transmission Line and Substation Foundation divisions, playing a key role in managing logistics and procurement. His wealth of field experience has forged strong and reliable connections with contractions, project owners, inspectors, and fellow employees, demonstrating a commitment to project success.
Beyond the professional realm, Jordan finds joy in family activities, including riding, hunting, and farming. He actively participates in his daughter’s traveling softball team, which shows his well-rounded and dedicated approach to both work and personal life.