Our Structural Foundation Services

Our diverse fleet of drilling equipment empowers us to undertake projects ranging from extensive transmission lines projects to smaller substation upgrades.

Substation & Switchyard Division

Conduit and ground grid systems

Control cable pulling and terminations

Flexible BUS installation

Install breakers

Install switches

Rigid BUS installation

Steel erection

Substation, switchyard, or transmission line demolition

Substation & Transmission Line Foundations

Battery energy storage system (BESS foundations)

Casing excavation

Deep foundation drilling of any diameter and depth

Direct embeds

Live substation drilling

Substation drilled pier foundations

Substation structural foundations

Transmission line foundations

Transformer pads and containment pits

Rock drilling

Slurry excavation

The Highest Safety Standards

Our team is OSHA-trained to operate vertical drills, various bits, excavators, skid steers, semis, surveying equipment, and more. Learn more about the trainings and certifications that back our high standards for safety.

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NSC Member